M​irjam Veldhuis

 Artist statement 

It is the actual handling of clay that keeps me going. And the sheer endless variety of features and finishes that belongs to the world of ceramics.
As in a good relationship, I deeply respect the characteristics and qualities of clay.
There is however a third party involved and that is the viewer.
In my quest to captivate my audience I let clay truly work as an interface. In my sculptures traces of the making process are almost always visible. In my sculptures the familiar and the undefined often strive for primacy. References of landscape and bodily motives can be found, without them ever becoming literal images. People are often drawn to my sculptures and tempted to touch and stroke them. As one visitor confessed: ‘I know I’m not supposed to, but I touched all the trunks and put my finger in every hole.’ Or even more primal: ‘I want to lick them! 

Mirjam Veldhuis, July 2022

Studio Limoncello

Under the name Studio Limoncello I have been making bowls and vases, hand thrown and hand formed, since 2017. It is a wonderful way to keep going in busy times, when studio time is scarce. In addition, I use my vases and bowls to try out glazes.
The results are too beautiful and charming to be kept in the dark.