M​irjam Veldhuis

1994 - 1999

Duice, Picante y Amaro, 1995, 45x20x15 cm.
Private collection (NL)

Buutpaal, 1996, 100x30x15 cm.
Bronze sculpture on a playground
Commissioned by primary school, Assen (NL)

Wasrekje, 1999, Installation
Wood and latex
Installation view Borg Rusthoven, Wirdum (NL)

Requiem voor een boom, 1994, height 150 cm. Ceramics
Installation Gouverneurstuin, Assen
Private collection (NL)

Aarde, 1995, 200x50x20 cm.
Ceramics and pigment
Installation AAS, Groningen (NL)

Wortelstok, 1998, 20x160x12 cm.
Collection CBK, Rotterdam (NL)

Runners & Risers, 1994/1995, ± 45x30 cm. each
Ink on paper
Private collection (NL)

Wortelstok, 1997, 15x15x8 cm.
Private collection (NL)

Vergiet, 1996, 28x14x12 cm.
Collection of the artist