M‚Äčirjam Veldhuis

Artist statement 

The Making of '12 vingers'. This is how it goes for me... creating a sculpture. Starting with a vague plan: something with a belly, something with bulges, something so you can see the inside and outside... just a little, something... something... Halfway through you think: This is not going to work. By now I know that right then you must keep plodding, sometimes almost breaking things down again. Rebuild. If you're lucky, there's suddenly something that makes you think: Yes, of course it could only be this way, right? Why did it take so long? 
Mirjam Veldhuis, September 2023


Under the name Studio Limoncello I have been making bowls and vases, hand thrown and hand formed, since 2017. It is a wonderful way to keep going in busy times, when studio time is scarce. In addition, I use my vases and bowls to try out glazes.
The results are too beautiful and charming to be kept in the dark.